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  • About Green Heart Living

    Green Heart Living is a mindful approach to life that focuses on gratitude, compassion and abundance.

    Elizabeth Hill, founder of GreenHeart Living, provides coaching to individuals and organizations, and specializes in the areas of life transitions (career, relationship, health changes, etc...) and preparing leaders (community/business/nonprofit) for creating powerful change in their communities.


    We are moving towards greening (growth) in:

    Our Work- Getting clear on our life's work (dharma) and learning to develop clear plans

    to make our goals come true.


    Our Lives - Manifest a new way of experiencing life, time and well-being.


    Our Loves- Strengthen relationships, learn better ways of communicating and interacting with loved ones.


    Our Community - As we green our hearts, live more from our true nature, and find our life's work, our ability to bring light and healing to the world will grow and expand (locally and globally). Shine on!


    The Heart Chakra - "Anahata" - Green

    When our chakras, or energy centers, are balanced, we can live a more healthy, fulfilling life and our light shines more fully. The color of the heart chakra, also called "Anahata", is green.

  • Life Transition & Leadership Coaching

    Green Your Heart, Green Your World

    Life Transitions

    One-on-one support for navigating powerful life changes in areas such as divorce/relationship transitions, career change, health changes, moves, etc... Whether a change is chosen or thrown at you, expected or unexpected, it remains a lot to handle on one's own. One-on-one coaching will help you develop an action plan, work through any obstacles that stand in the way, and bring you out much better than you went in.



    Elizabeth works one-on-one with business, nonprofit and community leaders to help them meet their personal and professional goals. Her 15+ years in the nonprofit sector have included: training for and leading results-based accountability implementation in organizations, task force and coalition leadership, teaching of yoga and meditation, program design and management. Work/Life Balance, Stress Management and Project Design are incorporated into her work with leaders and organizations.


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  • Meet Elizabeth

    "I always wondered why somebody didn't do something about that. Then I realized I was somebody." - Lily Tomlin

    Elizabeth B. Hill, MSW, RYT

    Owner & Founder: Green Heart Living & Life As Art Yoga

    Life Transition & Leadership Coach

    Community Impact Coordinator, United Way of West Central CT

    Mother, OMsteader, writer, artist, avid fan of 1980s mysteries


    Elizabeth Hill has more than a decade of experience helping nonprofits create measurable change in their communities. She has been teaching yoga for over 10 years as well and can't imagine life without it.

    Areas of expertise:

    Initiative Leadership and Coordination, Results-Based Accountability,

    Strategic Planning & Community Organization,

    Volunteer Coordination and Training,

    Grantwriting and Management, Yoga and Meditation, Child-wrangling


    Liz lives in Avon, CT with her partner Michael, her children Raven and James, dog Lucy, cat Alley, chickens and the neighborhood bears. She spends most of her days stomping around Bristol talking to people that are doing amazing things to help their neighbors. Liz likes to garden, read, write, create art and spend time

    inside theaters and outside in nature.



    Masters of Arts in Social Work

    Bachelors of Art in Psychology & Theater

    Accomplishment Coaching Life Coach and Leadership Training  

    200-hour Yoga Teacher Training

    32-hour Yoga Kids Foundations Training

    Expressive Movement Therapy/SomaSoul Training with Dan Leven

    Lifeforce Yoga with Amy Weintraub on Yoga for Mood-Balance

    The Minions: Raven & James

    Adorable Creative Geniuses, OMsteaders


    For the past 6 years, we've been working to slowly convert our 2-acres in the woods into an OMstead.


    We've turned more of our lawn into garden beds, added chickens, met foxes, grown our own food, composted, added "Zen Time" to our routine and sought out ways to live a more natural way of life in tune with the earth and our hearts.


    More and more people are shifting towards sustainable living practices through transforming their lawns into gardens, creating green small businesses and reclaiming their lives.


    If you are doing something akin to OMsteading,

    please reach out to us. We'd love to connect!

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    Avon, CT 06001

    Tel: 860-913-6918